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Our Mission

We are a welcoming Episcopal, Montessori school that educates and nurtures the whole child and family with love and respect.

Explore our
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Explore our
school virtually

Explore our
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Explore our
school virtually

We value

The whole child

We use a child-directed Montessori approach to nurture the emotional, spiritual, and academic development of the whole child while fostering respect for self, others, and the environment.


We provide a family-oriented environment built on trust and respect, where relationships can be developed through a network of extended resources.


We are inclusive of children and families of all faiths and backgrounds and strive to build relationships and connections between the school, church, and community.

Our vision


We offer quality programs, consistent with the Montessori philosophy, that enrich the lives of our students and their families.


Our children and families enjoy fellowship in a Christian faith community through prayer, worship, and community service.


We will create a program-driven environment that is welcoming, safe, and supportive of our mission.


St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a vibrant part of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, with active Montessori classrooms thriving in the church building Monday through Friday of each week.

The church and school have a unique and symbiotic relationship in that they work closely to support each other’s missions. In essence, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and School is one congregation that worships six days a week, made up of two entities that are aligned in their goals and purposes.

Similar to Montessori philosophy, the Anglican tradition encourages a culture that celebrates the natural curiosity in each child and responds with patience and love while the child explores and learns about his/her evolving world. Regardless of each family’s faith background, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and School strive to educate our families about the Anglican faith while celebrating what is sacred to each family. Through weekly worship in chapel, and community life in and around the classrooms, we nurture and support the spiritual growth of both the individual and the community as a whole.


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